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Non sliding seats :(

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Whilst hoovering my cooper out yday, i used the front seat sliding thingy to access the back seats and then when i finished, i tried to put the seats back into place and they just stayed where they were :( another annoying fault, has anyone else got this problem? i have to adjust the front seat everytime someone gets in the back :(:(:(
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Loads of postings on this - checkout the history...
In short, and I got this from Pete B or Smiffy - can't remember...

Only use the lever on the door-side to release the seat forwards.

When putting the seat back into place, do not use the levers at all...
Push the seat base backwards until it hits the stops.
Then push the top of the seat back until it clicks.

If you're jammed solid, as I suffered until this was explained to me, try sitting on the seat to free it.

Curiously, our Peugeot has what looks to be an identical latching mechanism!... It works a treat!
Could this be that because the 206 is built in Britain, quite a few of the parts are shared from the same source?

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Training Courses?

When I collected my MINI last week, the dealer went to great lengths to explain the seat mechanism so he'd clearly had plenty of grief from baffled owners. He said that the levers on recent cars have extra decals (arrows) to indicate how to operate the release mechanism. Unfortunately, un-trained passengers still can't seem to work it out!!

I know that Lotus offers driver training courses at Hethel. Perhaps MINI owners (and their families, friends etc.) could be offered "seat operator" courses?
I still snap at people who dont understand the seating. I have to jump in, and operate the mechanism myself.
Mine has the extra graphics on to make it clear. Seems pretty simple to me!

Most of my mates have been sufficiantly trained now, so i dont have to carry the grease gun and paracetemol in the first aid kit.
Yes, I had the same fault. So I took it back to the dealer. No problem, he swiped another seat base that had arrived for another customer and fitted it. "Thank you!", I said. Then I tried the seat and it jammed up first time.....
Theres a definite knack to returning the seat to its original position after having it folded forward!!

I put my hand on the top of the seat and propel it backwards along its runners until it hits the stopper, and then push in a slightly different way to return the backrest to its original angle! Its slightly "sticky" and feels like it could do with some grease, but works fine every time - IF you know how!

The problem with the seat-fold confusion, as I see it, is that when you push the lever UP (wrong!) the seat actually *appears* to fold forward correctly, whereas its actually just adjusted itself to a ridiculous angle (which then needs you to pull the lever up again while pushing the backrest back to fix it) If it did NOTHING when you lifted it up, then there would be no confusion and the person would then try pushing the lever down...

I need to get out more...
The dealer had another look at the seat that forgets where it slid from. Another seat base is now on order.
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