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Norris's Cooper S R56

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So far I have had the car for a week, give or take, and loved driving it, even my son asked if I could pick him up from school instead of his uncle the other day as he wanted a go in it! Decided at long last, as I had few hours spare today, to give it a quick wash.............after spending 2 hours during the week stripping the centre console and other interior pats for a clean, figured the exterior needed a going over.

Only had a few hours so not enough time to fully detail it, however, I am pleased with the outcome.

This will be a work in progress, but I intend (at the moment) to keep it as original as possible, I may get the bonnet touched in as there is a big scratch and a few around the rest of the car, but tbh I am happy. Just really want to replace the standard stereo but I can only find double din replacements that have extra buttons my centre console lacks......... and my front fogs are misty, so I may replace them or remove and dry them out and reseal them. I may also do the silvertech bulb upgrade and uprate the sidelights to match the headlights (xenons so the yellow sidelights look weak), but I may just leave the sidelights as is for now. Also thinking of the really original mirror cap covers inb a grey union jack, as no one ever seems to do that lol, but I like it.

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I put that dragon film over my headlights. So they don't get scratched up. Eventully I am gonna get the carbon fiber front fenders. and Aero sport front bumper and have them done in mellow yellow also. A wrap job sometime after that or that clear wrap for the bonnet would be nice to future proof it. And do my interior in a plaid Yellow and white with black accents in it.
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