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hi peeps,
as the title suggests, im looking to set up a new (bmw) mini owners car club in the north west kent and south east london area.
im from sidcup kent, and there are enough minis in the surrounding area, so i thought, y not try and bring them all together?!
looking for some interest first, before i start planning and setting anything.
will just be a simple/small club, meets up like once a month & talk cars/minis, travel to other meets/shows, and just genrally get us on the map.
anyone interested in this?!
plus, i dont think theres enough clubs etc. for just new minis!
post some replies and let me know!

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well actually mate there are several of us inerested in doin' so. Actually 3 we have already done a pub meet, and trying to do another one. Maybe come along, KirstyKix will be putting a post shortly. Keep looking for an update.

Daniel :red:

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Hello!!! :D

Yay, excellent stuff, more people! As Daniel has said we did have a small pub meet last month, went very nicely, but we have been thinking of doing something for late November, towards Christmas time. I'm going to start a new thread for this to try and get as many people a long as possible and then maybe early next year we can have our first 'Kent run'! How exciting! Of course everyone is welcome... Neil and Andy :)

If you have any ideas of your own please say, would be nice to do something that everyone would like to do, we were thinking of a meal, on a Friday... ;) :D
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