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**FULL UP - No more registrations for this event ***

The Charity Ball is 12th May 2007 and this run wil be the pre-cursor to that event.

We will be leaving from and ending at the Marriott Hotel, Eagle Drive, Northampton, NN4 7HW (there is another Marriott on the Bedford Road - dont go to that one :p :D )The hotel bar serve bacon sandwichess !!! We aim to leave at 10.30/10.45 latest so allow yourself pleanty of time if you want one :D

Also those of you travelling up for the Ball can leave cases with the concierge if you'd rather do that than have them rattle around on the run.

You do NOT have to be going to the Ball to do the Run !!

The run route is now confirmed and the attached picture shows an overview.

Also now attached is an Autoroute file detailing the route and a Word document with text directions.

Map overview is here [

I'm delighted to let you all know that the team at Wollastons have kindly agreed to stage a lunch time BBQ for the runners. You will be asked to make a donation into the charity fund in return for the lunch - but just think you'd have spent £10 down the pub if we'd stopped there so put it in the bucket instead please :)

I need you to confirm numbers in the car please so I can let Wollastons know - there is a limit to how many we can cater for and are nearly at that already so get in quick if you want to be sure of a place. A car limit of 30 cars is currently standing.

There are some really cracking roads on this - and some interesting challenges as you go round - enjoy it :D

  1. Soggy x 2
  2. Jon Chalk
  3. Paulusmaximus x 2
  4. Mad Brummie x 2
  5. Paul M & Abi x 3
  6. Chrisandjax x 2
  7. RVW x 2
  8. Mini-Moocher
  9. Randap x 2
  10. jonmorgan
  11. miniman23
  12. Beastmaster & Peanut x 2
  13. Stuvoi x 3
  14. Andy P x 1
  15. Robbie13 x2
  16. richard.c.clarke
  17. john_james x 2
  18. mini-powers x 2
  19. craigoz x 2
  20. HerbySnr x 1
  21. Russyellocoops x 1
  22. Richard Huggins x1
  23. NickyJ x 2
  24. Hat x2?
  25. JWF x1
  26. Nitrous Nick x2
  27. Mini Cabrio x1
  28. N44THY x2
  29. Harpo
  30. Edna

    Pugs & Fords - 5 cars !!
  31. Christopher Harwood
  32. Robert Farndon
  33. Russell Barrett
  34. Luke Emery
  35. Thomas Clarke
  36. Micheal Harrington



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Hey, may I be added to this please?

Actually, my theory is that Soggy and Rakey are actually 005 and 006, and they will feature in a film in a couple of years, and will die to save 007s life. Sorry guys, seems like fate! :D


Oh good grief!
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Yes please Bob,
Please add us to the list. We will be attending all bar being run over by a bus, struck by lightening, etc, etc within the next year.

<..................goes to look in crystal ball. :p


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Right - now you know, the Charity Ball is 12th May 2007 and this run wil be the pre-cursor to that event. you do NOT have to be going to the Ball to do the Run, but you'll missout on a great evening if you go home after just a run and beer ;)

Ball details are here

and here
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