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Not Car related.... Gamers...anyone on Xbox?

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Yo.... as the title suggests......

anyone got an xbox?... maybe up for some racing/splitting wigs?

leave your gamertag below :)

anyone wants to add me I am: "PapaSmirx TM" ( Case sensitive and trademarked lol )

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Used to love killing zombies all day but had to sell it when I started studying lol
Music system
Can anyone help me with a very minor problem I have with playing music bluetoothes from my phone in a Mini Cooper s 2018 model please? It picks up the album but won’t play it all the way through, even on shuffle, just plays individual tracks on repeat. Thank you
I do my gamertag is arundell im on when i can as have a 7month old but have all the shooters and racers plus some others so blops 4 bfv pubg forza 7 metro state of decay etc ... to many games was going to get devison 2 but too many games lol what do you have ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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