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2phun said:
I'm hoping to take delivery of my MINI cabrio in the next couple weeks, and one of the first additions needs to be an alarm. After reading many posts here regarding the OEM alarm system, its oversensitivity to rain, and lack of sensitivity to hands etc coming in the windows/through the open roof, I was looking for some feedback. Anyone out there got any stories (good and bad) to share? And has anyone installed or looked into a good aftermarket system? Would also like input on price differences. Thanks for any info you have... :)
Overly sensitive??? I complain its not sensitive at all... Haha i can stick half my body in the car and no alarm. Rain + Alarm? nope not that either... I should mention it to the dealer hummm....

Edit: Ops... you have a convertible... disreguard waht I said... :D
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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