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I have recieved an email today from Mike Cooper at John Cooper Garages.

He has been reading the forum with interest, and is glad to see such interest in the works kits, there were some issues he felt needed clarification, so here you go:

"Our standard conversion kit is already available for fitment at John Cooper Works and will be available through Mini Dealers in the near future (March 2002). The Dealers will be notified at the end of January of the situation."


A customer who has a John Cooper Works kit fitted to their MINI COOPER will not have any problems regarding warranty claims. Any problems will be rectified by your local Dealer whether a John Cooper Works part or not..."

"At this stage, TLC is invalid as this is a marketing expense but we are currently working on this with MINI to try and have this on John Cooper Works products."

"...please find below a statement that I read from Mark Harrison, Head of Press and PR at MINI."

“BMW and John Cooper Works have established ‘a working relationship’. that relationship enables buyers to order John Cooper Works conversion kits through BMW dealers, either to be fitted pre-delivery or as an aftermarket upgrade, and responsibility for warranty claims has been worked out. buyers can also get hold of a ready-converted John Cooper Works MINI direct from the John Cooper Works HQ at East Preston, West Sussex.”
So there you have it folks, I hope that has answers some concerns and questions.



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LMB said:
I wonder how board someone must be to dig out this old thread? :p
it was at the bottom of the Cooper V's Cooper S thread, as I was looking to find all the other threads where that old topic had been done to death before so the new could be merged with the old one;)
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