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Hi there,

I took my Mini Cooper 2008 1.6 diesel for a service, and driving it since I have heard knocking under the engine.

On inspecting under the bonnet, it seems there’s excess (black) oil underneath the cover which has caused the lower right rubber seal thing helping to hold the cover in place to work less effectively, causing it to knock about.

I’d like to know where the oil is coming from - its definitely in the area to the lower right hand side of the casing, and there’s a fair bit around the black tube thing to the far right of the oil cap - I have no idea what it’s called 😬 - does anyone have any idea what might be the issue? Attaching pics for reference.

(I took it back to the garage where it was serviced, who are being pretty unhelpful and want to sell me new rubber things without knowing where the oil is coming from)



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