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Do be careful here w/ the 1st oil change...

I understand that many automakers (Germans in particular) fill the engine w/ a specific break-in oil. It differs from the oil you'll want to run in the car for the rest of its life. The engine and this oil are engineered to be used together for the first X thousand miles to ensure proper break-in and ring seating.

Before anyone changes their oil prematurely, I believe this is an issue that warrants an official response/explanation from BMW/MINI, if somebody has the right connections. (and once we have it, it should go in a FAQ)

If you really feel compelled to get under the hood before the first scheduled oil change, maybe just satisfy yourself w/ a filter change for now.
Remember that modern motor oils are very very good and actually last longer than most of us keep them in our cars. Filters capture most offending matter, and the oil's additives neutralize acids and keep untrapped particulates in suspension.

I don't believe there's any reason to feel like you're killing your engine by following the mfgr's recommendations.
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