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Oil Light cannot be fixed?

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I am a new member and would appreciate your collective advise. I bought a 2010 Cooper S and quickly found the oil light frequently came on at around 5,000 revs. A super brilliant dealer took it back and repaced the oil pump...still the light comes on. They have replaces several other parts, but the oil lamp still comes on at.around 5K revs.

Dealer says he phoned Mimi for advise and that is is known fault and not an issue with the engine....some software glitch I think. The point being I am told the engine is fine. It is a great dealer who undrrstands that this still isn't okay so is offering to buy back the car or give me a discount of around 1/6 the purchase price.

Otherwise it is a lovely low milage car...what would you do?
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Fuken no replies.....all our cars do that....I'm doing rod bearings in the morning, I read somewhere that when the vanos changes timing it diverts a lot of oil and can cause that. the rest of us se low pressure at idle hot....blah blah buy a better car....seriously though I say fuck it install a Mechanical oil pressure gauge...if you have 10 psi per 1k rpm (old rule of thumb ) yer good to go.....good luck
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