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oil light on,after timing chain done might want to know this.

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so when people change the timing chain on these prince engines and common practice is to put jack under the sump to hold engine while doing the job as engine mount needs to come off, so a brand new sump has a tiny doomed effect to the bottom of it, even by using flat wood between the jack can push the bottom of sump towards the oil pump pick up and cause oil starvation on some cars also the 1.6 hdi psa diesels suffer as well,, the answer is to only ever jack the engine with block of wood to the steal bracket the hands down or better still cut a wood block to sit on driver side drive shaft between gearbox and carrier bearing to engine block,,, if the sump has been pushed up then remove it and give it a hit with lump hammer from inside around the pick up, something worth checking before doing much else with oil light issues after chain done,,
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