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Hi all,

First post here, hoping for some advice if possible.

My daughter's 2007 Mini Cooper R56 model has a slight issue with an Oil Pressure Warning Light coming on when idle ..

It's only done 63,000 miles, and the camchain was replaced at 43,000 miles.

I've checked, and there is oil in the sump, and it's not losing any anywhere.

No death rattle on startup, no misfires, smells etc.

It drives lovely, but the Oil Pressure Warning Light only comes on when idle/in neutral, and after about 20 mins of driving (ie when oil is hot and thin).

Any thoughts ? I've googled and this seems to be a common problem, with various issues such as faulty sensor, faulty oil pump, bad cam-chain tensioner etc

Looking at the service history, it does need a service - so maybe a decent oil change and good quality filter is the answer ?

I appreciate it's hard to give advice, but I've got no other identifiable symptoms, other than this warning light when idle.


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Quick update on my original post ..

The car went into the local Mini Specialist today, for diagnostics ..

Initial diagnostics threw nothing up, so they removed the sump and checked for engine debris in the oil.

That was all clear, so they carried out an oil and filter change. The old filter was (in their words) pretty gummed up ..

The Oil Pressure Switch was also replaced as it had a very slight leak ..

But, no identifiable problems with the Oil Pump or Camchain / tensioner - phew.

One bill for £263 later and so far (touch wood) no oil pressure warning light.

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