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This thread is to hopefully give some clear info on what oils can be used in various parts of the mini. :big_grin:

(Gen 1 r50-53)

Engine Oil.

5w30 "preferred"




these grades can be used in the Tritec engine without issue.
however to keep things simple i recommend and mini recommend you use 5w30 its the best "all rounder" ::wink::

You also have to pay attention to "approved engine oil specifications"

BMW list three for the gen 1 Mini

#1 is BMW longlife 01

#2 is the easier to attain BMW longlife 04

#3 is Longlife 98 which is an old specification its hard but not impossible to source.

#4 If for any reason you can't source any of the above specs ACEA A3 can be used. ::smile::

Brands don't really matter but Mini recommend castrol.

The Sump Capacity is 4.5ltrs


Gen 2 Engines.

The gen 2 petrol engine is less robust than the Gen 1 so oil grade and level is important.

5w30 high quality full synthetic is recommended for this engine

Oil specs are much the same but i would exclude

# longlife 98.

The Prince engine is known to be an Oil drinker.
make sure you check the level weekly to avoid running the engine low and possibly destroying it. :laugh:

Sump capacity is just under 5ltrs ::wink::


Diesel Engines!!


The Toyota unit in the r50 OneD

#1 5w30 is also recommended for this engine.

#2 you can use a "special diesel oil" but its not necessary as long as it meets the above specs you'll be alright. 0:)


THE R56 Diesel came in 2 flavours

#1 PSA 1.6 HDI "bombproof"

#2 BMW sourced 2.0 diesel "slightly less bombproof"

Both use 5w30 meeting BMW LL04.

Simple eh? :big_grin:


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Gearbox Oil!

Gearbox oil changes are important for the mini

Especially the gen 1 midlands gearbox.

There are three to remember.

#1 is MTF94 the general consensus is this can be used in all r50-56 gearboxes

#2 Redline MTL is a full synthetic alternative to MTF94 its twice the price, but gives better shift quality and with it being synthetic its more stable under high heat/stress situations.

#3 this is often forgotten but in july 2004 mini introduced a new 5spd getrag box to replace the Midlands unit.

some people say this requires MTF LT3 however MTL can be used if LT3 cannot be sourced.


To sum up

Midlands gearbox 2001-2004 One-cooper requires MTF94 Or Redline MTl

Gertag 5spd introduced for The One and Cooper requires MTF LT3 or Redline MTL

Gertag 6spd "cooper s only" requires Mtf94 or Redline MTL

All gearboxes take roughly 2 litres.


Auto gearboxes.

#1 ZF CVT 2001-2006 (Mini One's and Cooper)

#2 Aisin warner TF60-sn. (2002-2013 Cooper S R53-R56)

The ZF CVT requires "special fluid"

Mini Cooper Automatic Transmission Fluid Cvt ESSO CVT EZL 799 fluid for the GACVT16Z CVT automatic transmission. The MINI CVT fluid capacity is about 4.8 qts which is 5.4 litres.

The recommended oil change interval is 30k for this transmission.


The Aisin warner gearbox is an "adapted" unit from a Toyota Yaris.

It has a very sensitive valvebody, if any crap gets lodged inside the valvebody solenoids your looking at severe gearbox damage!

Oil recommend for this gearbox is soul crushingly expensive from BMW.

HOWEVER dinging around i've found TOYOTA TYPE 4 fluid can be used which is less than 1/2 the cost!

Oil change intervals should be very frequent

25-40k max!!

OIL capacity is 6-10 litres.


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Misc fluids.


Blue or Green can be used in all the engines DON'T MIX!!



#1 pentosin ch11s for the gen 1 r50-53

#2 R56 as far as i'm aware requires no fluid its entirely electric.



#1 (DOT 4)

This is for all Minis


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Thanks 🙏 for the sum up.
R60/ S engine with 6 speed automatic.
I just changed engine oil with Castrol A3B4 oil, it is equivalent to bmw LL-01, hard to find full synthetic , but about 40% less expensive than the bmw branded oil. So far so good.
Trans ATF changed with Castrol universal fluid - works for all gearboxes, all cars CVT or gear. Good and cheap. BMW/Mini auto transmission is listed as approved/compatible. Got about 2.2-2.3L out and put about the same in. Works much better now. No problems at all. Will do it again, as the drained ATF was black, well overdue.
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