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Old car.....dream build

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Hi guys, My first car was a R53 Cooper (JCW body kit and alloys) and I absolutely loved it.
Moving on a few years and moving out with a few mates who are all into cars as well, I wanted to do an R53 ‘super cooper’

Stupid plans for it including full rebuild, twin charge (someones gotta do it), and all the necessary exterior mods. My worry is the transmission. I hope to push to 550bhp+ (if that’s insane please call me out and give me better figures)
I’ve found drive shafts rated for 475bhp - would they last if I was running more than that?
I’m hoping to get a gearbox rebuilt but I’m not sure what would need doing (aware about the clutch, flywheel, and diff)

Any suggestions for anything would be extremely helpful, wouldn’t say money is an issue as I plan on keeping it through the electric revolution


(if you wanna see my old car and my inspiration go to Instagram and look for #sirgeraldthethird ??)
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Come back when you’ve done it, if I had a quid for all the “I’m going to.....” posts that never materialised.
Good luck with your build and keep posting your build if you're doing it yourself.

It's possible as there are few on YouTube and also time & money isn't an issue, but I wonder how useful it would be in day to day driving without being able to put all that power down without proper ALL4/AWD system even then the power might be too much.

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