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Balders said:

I have a strange one for you all, not sure if it’s me or my car is making noises. When I have the windows open and I accelerate I can hear a clicking sound, it sounds like its coming from the offside front wheel. I thought at first it could be a stone in the tyre (it’s that sort of click or tap), but I've rotated the wheels recently and there is no sign of anything in the tyre or on the wheel.

It’s even stranger in that I can only hear it when I've got my foot down, I lift off the power and it stops, it doesn't seem to increase in frequency as the car is getting faster either.

Any ideas chaps?


Mike read the thread that you've been directed to. You are not imagining things, and some BMW dealers will say that it is not a problem that needs attention.

I believe that you should seek a fix, but be prepared for a number of visits to your dealer. BMW (at least in Australia) insist that the factory is made aware of each and every instance of this issue so by now the factory should be well aware that there are tons of people with this 'problem'. Stand firm and get your dealer to report it to BMW and ask for their response and their proposed fix. If the dealer cannot advise you of what is going to be done then get in touch with BMW/MINI directly. Don't be fannied about by your dealer.

This sort of noise is a nuisance and takes away some of the MINI ownership enjoyment.

Regards, eltel
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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