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the best way is to have the ecu mapped and while in there get any codes that its likely to throw up by fitting a catch can off self check as the pcv is all part of the emissions on that engine so maf and map sensor will feel any changes as a rule, ie if breather pipe and catch can restrict the flow in anyway or if it opens it up as its all part of the whole engine system that bmw/psa spend millions on getting it to run at a eco friendly level, needs doing right i have seen many people follow utube links and some random unqualified person messes around with it and gets it to run sort of but never reposts with what has happened 10k down the road ie engine killed off from lack of balance within the combustion chamber ie pinking or knock those turbo engines run on whats just about possible for 100k maybe. and just changing anything that will effect how it ignites each power stroke really is based on some luck. where correct way is to have it mapped with all the mods you want, ie can delete the pcv run a straight catch can can run a better inlet filter panel or big cone can also put a sports cat ie less honeycomb in it then through a big bore exhaust could even go to next level hybrid turbo and bigger injectors etc all these can be programmed in to work correctly and also will pass a mot of emissions, this all sai for what it all costs you only need a good remap maybe include a louder air filter in to of thats what you like etc will see over 200bhp easy on a eco map a lot more on a power map, in my signature black magic timing can either do a mail order ecu only rema ie generic with anything you want deleted or better way book in and have a day out get him to bespoke map etc, just mention me off here he will give a discount when people do,, just a heads up hes the guy other garages go to when they have a faulty car that beats them he's not just a mapper anyone can flash a ecu he's proper tech as well.
done a vauxhall 2,0 cdti the other day they run high pressure glow plugs that are for emissions not for starting the car really, had it dpf gone and egr and remap from 130 to 160 ish eco map he also removed the glow plug codes from ecu as dont need them ie new glow plugs are £136 each and not needed on a mod like this, funny a ecu repair company argued this could not be done impossible he said as self check would find it, hmmm car has been driving around perfect a far while now so much better, my point is these things need to be done by the right people otherwise 10k or 20k down road the damage could be done even more of a risk on a car that has been changed based on non qualified advice
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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