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Joined the forum looking for some advice.

I have a 2004 mini one r50 which has electrical problems .

The instrument lights for the indicators (and sound ) sometimes fail to work , the heated rear window button fails to illuminate , instrument back light goes out and when I lock the car the rear lights come on .

All this happens at the same time , when it resets it is fine for a few hours.

I have tried 3 body control modules , cleaned all the plugs , cleaned the earth points , changed main ecu and alarm modules and even a different instrument cluster , but problem still remains , but not all the time .
Cleaned and checked fuse boxes and fuses .

This is driving me crazy .

Can anyone suggest anything other than selling the car for scrap.

I love driving the car , but this is ruining the fun for me.



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You've done alot of work already.
Have you checked/tested the wires/cables to see if they're in good condition?
Testing and tracing the wires/cables will be time consuming.
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