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Only 1 USB charging Port in my Mini One D

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We currently own a Mini One D.
Unfortunately, the Mini only has 1 USB charging port. Also, there is no car sigarette lighter port, so we cannot just simply purchase a charger for it with 2 USB ports (like this: minilover DOT be/nl/accessoires/multimedia/dubbele-usb-lader)

We tried a USB Hub so that we can split it into multiple ports, but this didn't work either.

Any suggestions on how to create an additional USB charging port (USB A or C are both fine), so that both the driver and one passenger can charge their device?

Thank you
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Hi 930!

it‘s a recent model, it is from 2017.
One solution would be to wire your own USB socket or simpler solution would be to buy a power bank with multiple USB sockets or whatever sockets you require and use the one USB socket in the car to keep the power bank charged up.
Hi Knt!

thanks for your input on my question.
A power bank is indeed a possibility, and I even own one already (with 3 USB ports).
However, I’m looking for a more ‘fixed’/‘permanent’ solution.

Could elaborate on ‘wire own USB socket?

You can self install USB and/or 12V socket if you're handy with tools and electrical wiring.

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Since this is a leased car, this may not be such a great idea :) especially the step with drilling a hole.

Any other, let’s say “functional” way, in other to have a second USB port that provides power to charge a phone?

It’s such a small but important feature to have sufficient USB outlets in a car, especially in these smartphone-days.
If there is a 12V socket in the boot, I suppose you could run an extension cable to the front.
Hi knt
thanks for your continued investment in this thread; really appreciated.
Unfortunately there is no 12V socket in the boot, so that would be again a dead end I'm afraid.
I guess I will have to be satisfied with one USB port :)
You can try something like this or the Y splitter, but I don't think it'll charge 2 phones at the same time through the in car standard USB socket

Good trick.
I forgot to mention I already tried this. Bought this from the store ‘Action’. But once I tried connecting the second charging cable with our phone (both iPhone), the Mini’s USB port stopped working altogether.
The options are indeed very limited!
Something like this will also give you options

Knt’s suggestion of the sub wired in would be the best bet. You could set it up so that it position is near your knees at the bottom of the dash, lease company would never notice it there ;)

or what about an obd to usb?

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