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Re: Thumbs down

LMB said:

From that picture I would have to give it the thumbs down. It just looks not only a bit big but also a bit plain. How does it sound though?

I want as many veiws as possible.
I thought the size was ok but thought it was not plain enough.

It sounds only slightly different from inside the car but has a much nicer note to it than standard,obviously more noticable from outside.

As for the price it,s a one off and it will only be produced depending on peoples reactions to it.

I must say I did not loke it at first and thought it was a bit boy racer but it is growing on me.

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I think its GORGEOUS, would love to know the price, if the price is right, and if performance is better, I would definetly buy one of these beuties!

The size looks just right......not too big, not too small.

Lets us know about the performance after you get a rolling road test of it.
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