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I went down to the dealer today after work. Out front was a beautiful 09 JCW they just got in the day earlier. It was a CR/B with CW, JCW Aero Kit, swaybar, steering wheel, and side scuttles. Now that I think of it, I think it's the same one as on the MINIUSA front page.

Keep in mind I'd not driven a JCW before, or even seen one for that matter.

The wheels are *awesome*. They looked great online and do not disappoint in person. The red brakes look great with them too. This was the first thing I noticed on the car.

The cloth seats were a nice surprise. When I think cloth, I think of my parents' 94 Suburban. I was very impressed with how sporty they felt and I loved the color. I sat in other cars with leatherette and lounge leather, and while the leather was nice, I couldn't justify spending $1500 for it. The leatherette just felt and looked unimpressive to me. The black cloth looks great with the black headliner, piano black dash and stock color line.

I plugged my iPod into both the stock and HiFi stereo via the aux jack. There was a little hiss with both stereos (wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't set up right), but other than that I was reasonably impressed with both. In the end, the HiFi sounded noticably better to me, and although it's not the best system ever, I'm sure I'll be happy with it. And, if I ever do get annoyed at it, I can always upgrade the speakers.

I really liked the look of the JCW Aero Kit, especially the side skirts. Although the manager originally thought I could get it for $1595 factory installed, I questioned him on this a few times and he finally agreed that it was a dealer installed accessory. It'd run me about $2600 painted and installed. I couldn't stomach that. I don't like the factory aero kit enough to fork up $1250, either. So, I decided to stay without an aero kit for now. If I end up wanting it, I can always buy it and have it installed (or install it myself) after the fact.

As for the drive, I think my exact thoughts were "HOLY F**K!" The JCW seems SO MUCH FASTER than the MCS I drove last week. It sure felt like a ton more than 36hp for sure. I *love* the exhaust note. Coming from my V6 Mazda6 with MagnaFlows, I knew one thing I'd miss the most about the 6 was the exhaust. Turns out, I won't be missing much. It sounds great when you're on it and is quiet but still notable when just cruising. The MA said the exhaust gets a bit louder with the sport button on, but I'm not sure about that.

Other than my MA taking out this car for a little ride yesterday, I was the first to drive it. I thought that was pretty cool.

I was very, very impressed with how easy this whole buying experience was. Both the manager and my MA were amazingly laid back. Once it was all over and we were on our way out, my MA really started to show how genuinely excited he was for me. He really likes the config of my car and he said he's glad everytime he gets to sell to an enthusiast rather than someone just looking for "a car that gets good gas mileage". His name is Mark and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking at MINI of Peabody.

Build week is in fact August 3. Delivery was estimated to be September 10, though I'm hoping it might be a bit earlier than that.

Hmm, I think that's all I've got for now.

Gonna be a long month!

My final config:

My 2009 MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop
Base MSRP* $28,550
Destination & Handling $650

Black Roof/Mirrors $0
Black Bonnet Stripes $100
Laser Blue Body Color $500
White Turn Signals $100

Cold Weather Package $500
Heated Powerfold Mirrors & Washer Jets
Heated Front Seats
Premium Package $1,250
Leather Sport Wheel w/Multifunction
Automatic AC
Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof

Dynamic Stability Control STD
Front Fog Lamps STD
Xenon Headlamps w/Power Wash $500
6-Speed Getrag Manual STD
Rear Fog Lamp $100
Dynamic Traction Control STD
17" Challenge-Spoke (Performance) STD

Sport Seats STD
On-Board Computer STD
Anthracite Headliner STD
Center Arm Rest $250
Cloth: Checkered Carbon Black/Black STD
Interior Surface Piano Black STD
10-Speaker. Hi-Fi Sound System $500


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thats like 17k sterling! Shame they arent that cheap over here - Brits get ripped off on everything!
People at other dealerships, especially on the west coast, are seeing markups, sometimes as much as $5k or more. I paid MSRP and am very pleased.


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thats like 17k sterling! Shame they arent that cheap over here - Brits get ripped off on everything!
Another reason I won't be getting one. They can build them here, paying the workersUK wages ($40k a year?) transport them across the atlantic and sell them for £10,000 cheaper?

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Yeah, that's seriously messed up. Until you discover that MINI is a *German* owned company that's bveen aggressively trying to get a strong market presence in the US. So they sell the cars cheap over there, whereas over here they just take us for every penny they can.

Could be worse, though - we could be Germans. they have to pay even more for the MINI than we do.
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