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I'll be driving north to Canada and plan on staying a couple of days along the coast at Florence. Can someone tell me about the state of Suislaw Road, along the river? It looks very twisty and slow driving. Is it worth taking this highway from Cottage Grove to Florence?

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While I haven't driven it (Siuslaw River Road) recently (or at any time that I can remember), I did include it on a bicycle map that I produced for Lane County. On the map it is indicated as a low volume, paved road with no shoulders. It should be scenic and twisty too.

Other alternatives: to the south would be along the Smith River, further north along Hwy 126, or even further north on Hwy 36. Hwy 126 is by far the most traveled with more services (still few) and wider with shoulders.

If a direct route is not important, consider heading north a bit further to Corvallis, then Philomath and take Hwy 34 (the Alsea Hwy) to Waldport and then back south along the coast to Florence. You'll pass Cape Perpetua along the way and Haceta Head with one of the most photographed lighthouses just north of Florence.

There are lots of wooden covered bridges to be found in Lane County if you are adventurous. Some have a similar character to those of Madison County fame in Somerset, Iowa (another nice exploration).

Here are a few links to information in Lane County. PM me if you need more ideas and I can see what I can do. I pick up my new MCS :red: on Friday and your post has given me some ideas for local travel during the break-in period. Thanks. :p

Convention and Visitors Association of Lane County Oregon

Lane County Government

Guide To Covered Bridges

And here's an interesting find from our motorcycling friends MotorcycleRoads.US

Cheers! :) -Chris (Gr0mit)
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