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Osram Headlights

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Just Wondering if it is legal to have H7 Osram Silverstar (halogen) on sydney Roads?

I've seen some on discounts on repco 25% off if they are legal i might go and get myself a pair
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i think there is 2typed of silverstar, 1 with a blue tint 1 without, for better performance of course the one with non tinted, however it wouldn't look as WHITE . i guess even the blue tint version should be legal. (if it is in the europe it should be in australia i think :rolleyes: )
Cool coz at the moment i have a set of Phlilip's Blue Vision in the car

Might have a look at the osram one too
I have the Silverstars (white) in mrs minigolf's Outback and they're fine IMO. Can't see any reason why they'd be illegal. Nice and white and certainly no blue tinge. Indeed I'm planning on putting them in the MINI for my high beams.

Yeah, they're fully legal. I'm running them in mine - they were my second mod (as well as white sidelights), after the clear indicators (god damn I hate that fried egg :p)
I put Philips VisionPlus in the high beam, they're a brighter globe without being a higher wattage, they work really well to help you see where you're going better, especially when combined with 100w driving lights :)
Micky, are your driving lights setup to run 100w, or are you pushing the envelope a bit?
He has Hella aftermarket ones... painted "BRG in a can" :D

They are twice as bright as the OEM ones!
Yep, am aware of all that. ;) Just want to know if his wiring etc is setup for 100w, or if he's, as I said, pushing the envelope.
It's just a relay switched off the battery terminal, haven't had any issues with it so far. The only connection to the factory wiring is to the +ve running to the high beams which goes through the switch for the driving lights and into the relay, so they can be turned off if necessary.
If it comes down to it mate, you could always re-wire your OEM lights to use bigger cable / relay off of the high beams.. but it would be nice to just do things the easy way for once!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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