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MINI (via our dealer) has agreed to replace our troublesome Cooper.


  1. Car dues in September - arrived in November - despite being built in September (draw your own conclusions on this one).
    Indicator housing came loose on 1st day chiping the paint.
    Sunroof seal has been defective and allowing water into the roof cavity since day 1 - 3 attempts to fix.
    Both front seats squeaked - fixed after 2 visits
    Battery terminals improperly fitted at the factory - left us stranded with no power.
    Rear wiper does not touch the top of the screen - replaced - no apparent fix.
    Drivers sidelight has blown approx 10 times in 3 months.
    Sunroof lost its 1 touch facility.
    Windows/locks developed a mind of their own.
    Trip computer prone to re-setting itself.
    Indicators stopped flashing when car locked.
    Lights on buzzer failed.
    Single CD player replaced (excess battery drain!)
    Dealer damages 2 wheels (16" daytona with Goodyear RF's).

    I think that is everything.

    Car to be returned in a few days - MINI UK suppliying a MINI until our new car arrives in March est. (yet to be ordered).


    PS - dealer advised I can alter the spec - might order plain black with white. Add MFSW and perhaps a MiniDisc instead of CD.

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My Cooper Also Being Replaced!

My new Cooper is also on order and in the paint shop as we speak.

My silver/black was also a September build and had problems with seats, squeeks, rattles and so on.

After 2 polite letters (1 to dealer and 1 to BMW) i had a very good response.

Basically, hats off to my dealers, they pulled out all the stops for me, as they were very aware at my great dissapointment. My new Cooper should be with me by 1st March or even sooner.

I get to keep lolly until new one arrives.

Did change the colour and a million things, then changed back to silver/black ( i just love it).

Drove my dealer absolutely bonkers (bless) Thanks Matt!

New spec
silver/black, climate, sunroof, boost cd, obc, chilli pack,
17' wheels, heated jets, alarm,asc+t.
Only thing different is i didnt choose the full leather option again, instead upgraded wheels,climate and cd instead minidisc,obc.Thats about it!

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You may have already seen my post regarding my re-order.

My Cooper was also September build and its replacement will arrive early March.

I've changed the colour and added a few extra bits - fingers crossed for a perfect replacement.

Dealer and BMW have been very helpful in replacing.


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Ours has now also been rejected and a new one ordered.

October build and delivered on OCT 25th. New one expected March/April. - Still have our original until new one arrives.

Usual faults left pull (fixed with new suspension bits).

Drivers door does not always open


faulty windscreen fitment. (Roof dented when being repaired):mad:

Handbrake has the optional 'auto' release feature

poor sports seat comfort and on and on.........

Got to say our dealer has been excellent, and we have been given a free CD Boost and Alarm as compensation.

Also upgraded to climate and added heated seats.

After all the problems I am hoping the new one is a tad more reliable. Still not another car out there that can compare though.

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What is the procedure followed, and who did you deal with at MINI?

Picked up the new car on Friday and it seems to have the left pull - everything else perfect, so would prefer to have this rectified and not reject the car. How long did it take to get the suspension bits rejigged, and did they fix the problem?

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My rejected Cooper was also a Sep build, Oct delivery. Normal problems, fuel gauge, squeaky seats, moisture in lights, poorly fitted door, dodgy electrics.

Replacement due mid March, my fault that as having Velvet Red which is only available from March build. Upgrading to climate, AST+C, heated washers, MFSW, space saver spare, and minidisc rather than single CD as I now have a bootloader as well, due to receiving as previous goodwill gesture!

Currently driving a steptronic MINI One until it arrives, and I'm very impressed with both the One and the steptronic.

The wait is killing me again!!
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