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Out Motoring thanks!

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Thanks to all the MINI lovers out there who have supported our company this last year. We've grown beyond our expectations due to your loyalty and interest in the products we offer. Our success is due to you and we appreciate it. As we continue to grow we want to make sure that we don't forget how we got here and make sure we give back to our community.

We have and will continue to donate 10% of our YEARLY proceeds to Worldwide charitable organizations to aid in times of suffering and natural disaster. We think this is a way to show thanks and while it does not directly benefit our customers, we hope they will feel good shopping with us knowing that they have in turn helped our fellow beings around the planet.

As we merge into 2005 we hope it will be even better than ever and that we will be able to continue to offer the newest and greatest, best and most innovative products for the MINI Cooper. While we recognize that are many other companies offering similar products we thank you for choosing us and hope you will continue to support us.

Best regards,
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Happy New Year to you to. Thanks for supporting MINI2 with your advertising too.

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