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I have a 90,000 mile Cooper S. It has an issue with over fueling between tick over and 3000 revs. It had a map done by the previous owner and has a sports cat. Now as far as I am aware the after cat lambda sensor has been mapped out due to the sports cat. I have heard that these may need a fooler put in, but at the same time I have been told they don't! Could someone clarify?
There is also the possibility that the car was mapped whilst unwell. The garage that looked after it told me it was mapped and then it was found to be carboned up. Would taking it back to be mapped again sort the issue potentially now it has been decoked?
It has had.. a new thermostat, timing chain/guides,recent HPFP,water pump, decoke and head gasket, clutch and flywheel so is in fairly good health.
It has got a slight slight leak on the PCV pipe on the lh side as you look into the engine bay but was over fueling before this issue.
Finally, sorry I have a lot to get off my chest here, it is now not starting well.. runs on 3 cylinders and then stalls, start again and off she goes.. no problems with rough idle after this and no loss of power above 3000 revs it pulls like a train. Would this have anything to do with the PCV pipe?

Many thanks in advance!
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