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Overheat and valvetronic

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Hi, I have 09 mini r57 and having problems with valvetronic and overheating so change the engine buy second hand but from Peugeot 207 don’t know which model but the engine is the same I don’t see any difference.
But still I have the same problems I have modify the the thermostat housing by making it open all the time , valvetronic showing open when the car off and close once I started the car .
Fan start on 117c but can’t help that time
Any help please
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Thanks for info, after starting heater and bleeding the temp is good now but still valvetronic seems it’s not working , checked all fuses ok relay open when car off and close when start on , I have other working valvetronic I connected with cable from the dme start the car but no movement , any help please
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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