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Hi, new to the forum and MINI ownership.

I've owned a 2006 R50 for just over a month and recently had an overheating issue.

It started out with the fan overrunning after turning the car off but the temp gauge didn't go up. This happened for a couple of days without any sign of the temp going up. Then one morning I drove the 9 miles to pick my wife up from work and as I was waiting I went to put the heaters on but noticed it was blowing cold despite being on hot. Jumped on my phone to Google it but then spotted the temp gauge had gone right to the top. I immediately shut the car off, and checked the coolant tank level and it was empty. We drove round to the garage nearby and picked up some coolant which went in and filled back to max. Drove home no issues and then went out with no issues the next day.

On the following morning, again going to pick my wife up, it was empty again so I topped up and drove no issues to her work. When we came to drive home though, the temp gauge went right up after a few miles. Stopped and let it cool down, coolant level still OK though. Carried on and basically had to stop a few times to cool a bit to get home. Now I know that probably wasn't wise but that's what we did.

In blind hope, and it being a fairly cheap option to try, I got a new thermostat, housing and gasket and installed that this morning. When going to bleed the system though I noticed I get absolutely no coolant from the bleed screw at the top of the radiator, even after getting up to temperature (and the temp gauge going through the roof!). I was getting a small amount of coolant at the bleed screw next to the thermostat though, the bleed screw was quite tight though compared to the one next to the radiator.

If there is no coolant in that top hose next to the radiator (the hose is constantly spongy, not sure if it should be a bit more solid with it being a pressurised system?) does that indicate anything? Water pump faulty maybe?

I've searched and searched but no-one seems to have the exact same symptoms as I do. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction!

Also, does anyone have (or could sketch out) a diagram of the cooling system? Can't find anything online.

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