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Sunday morning after replacing brake discs on front starting car and MIL Light came on.
OBR reader - P0343 - Camshaft Position Sensor A Circuit High Bank 1 or Single Sensor.
So i have replaced Sensor (exhaust) as found faulty (i think) but car still feels like weak, without 100% power.
I have found that both sensors has been covered in oil (tip of sensor) is that normal or not?

Some time ago, August 2019 i have replaced timing chain with vvt gears and rest of stuff. Used FAI kit, bit pricey but well, felt like good buy.

And now, as crankshaft sensor throwing that code, is it possible that one of vvt gears became loose and lost sync?
This is probably my paranoia, because i was doing everything according instruction
  • Inlet vanos sprocket bolt tightening torque: 20NM + 180 degree tightening torque angle
  • Exhaust sprocket bolt tightening torque: 20NM + 90 degree tightening torque angle
  • Crankshaft central retaining bolt tightening torque: 50NM + 100 degree tightening torque angle
but still i have my doubts because i done this by myself and not just paid mechanic and trust someone else.

is there anything else to check befor taking cover off and locking engine to check weather nothing has change?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts