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Paint Sticks

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Anyone had experiences of the offical MINI touch up paint sticks?

I have a Chilli Red Cooper and have collected a couple of stone chips on the bonnet and the White roof. I ordered the Chilli stick from my local dealer but oddly enough BMW don't seem to do the White one yet. As the chip on the roof has shown up Red looks as though they respray the roof White.

Anyway used the paint stick and it is a very poor match being much darker. The attached picture is not very good but even though this spot is only 2mm diameter it does stand out. Imagine when I get a collection. At nealy 8 quid I would expect better than that.



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as with all touch up jobs, it will never match exactly. The paint isn't mixed up well enough or just too thick when you're doing the touch up. Not having a clear coat could also be a factor.

I'm no expert, but this is just what I think.
Thanks for the tips. Unfortunatly this picture does not show up the mismatch very well. I'm not been picky it is a much darker Red. I realise that you won't get an exact match but I've never had a problem with paint sticks with other cars.

I'll see what the dealer has to say.

touch ups are tough. The hard part is getting the paint to lay right and reflect light the same way the paint around it does. In your case, it looks like your paint is darker. The worst is trying to get metallic flakes to sit right but that's another story. My silver Audi has a few chips up front...i've learned and my Mini will be protected with a clear bra from day one.

Try a product called Langka...I've never used it but heard it can help.
Well I have now seen my local dealer. Needless to say it is thier opionon that the stick is fine and that I have not put the laquer on right etc. etc. However they are going to email BMW.

It is a shame I can not get a good photo but the colour is a LOT darker. I spent a lot of time this weekend polishing and cutting back etc. It is not right.

Thanks for the link by the way looks intresting. I wonder if anyone else has used it here?
Here's a slightly better picture of the problem... A result of a large stone being thrown up by an on comming stone. Got a dent removal guy to remove the golf ball size dent.

Been a while getting a responce but still. My dealer managed to get a new paint stick for me fro a different batch and guess what? The same. I contacted BMW customer services and they refered me back to my dealer. Who at the same time has agreed to repair the paint under warrenty. A result!

I've actually tried a generic BMW Red paint stick from Halfords, slightly brighter then Chilli Red but still a better match!

I actually had a trip to the US recently so decided to take the plunge and buy some The web site did not inspire a lot of confidence but I can say that the product is fantastic. Works really well. Cheers RobbyTT!


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Another update...

Just got the car back after respraying the whole bonnet and fixing (or rather not) the creaking seats. So she's looking good.

The question still remains about the match of the paint stick and future touch-ups. So I'll be e-mailing mini customer services again.

So a couple of questions to the floor...

- Anyone had experience of chilli red paint sticks?
- Anyone know of a Mini White paint stick for the roof, mirrors and wheels?

PS got a loan Mini Cooper while the repair was being done. It had a CVT, how odd. Glad I have a manual and lots of country lanes
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Had same problem with my dark silver S.
Being that the paint being darker, so went back to dealer who suggested shaking bottle between half and 3/4 of an hour, and to keep testing in an unseen area.
Have not been able to shake bottle for half an hour yet, but feel dealer is taking the p!?s. :(
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