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Parasitic drain?

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So, battery is less than 12 months old, but now only lasts a few days of no use and it won't start the car.
Battery could be faulty so I've charged it and now it's left not connected.
Current draw from the battery is 0.1A after half hour.
That's with the ecu disconnected
Some say that is high. So I took out each fuse one by one, fuses in engine bay, then putting it back in and current stayed the same.
So I took them all out, including the ones below it went to zero.
If I them put back any fuse to the bcm it jumps up again. It doesn't matter which bcm fuse ,even the links below to the inside fuse box that are listed as bcm fuses. None of the other fuses make a difference .
I don't know if this is normal, but Its strange it's exactly the same reading whichever fuse I put back in.
The only common thing to all these fuses is the ground, so is the current draw excessive and would the symptoms suggest a bad ground at the bcm?
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0.1amp is 100 milliamps which is correct amps drawn by the alarm system when bcm has gone to sleep after 3 minutes thats correct nothing wrong with that,, if was 1.amp then that would be high and have a issue,, common discharge point is alternator not shut off or short circuit, can check that will meter on amps like would the battery
That's good news. I had the meter in series with the earth lead, so that reading would include the connection to the alternator as well. So it may be a duff battery. It's not connected so I shall see how much it drops and get it tested.
Thanks for the help, I'll report back when I know more!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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