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Part alternative?

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I’m fixing my daughters R60. Specifically I’m replacing her n/s plastic sill cover. There are 2 plastic rivets that aren’t reusable that hold the small rear mud flap to the plastic cover. part no 51717002953 on the ETK catalogue. Can anyone advise of an alternative plastic figment that I can use. It looks like I’d need a rivet tool as well as the necessary rivets which makes 2 rivets an expensive proposition.
Thanks for any help
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Won't the cheap Chinese stuff from ebay work as they are only plastic rivets?

Not sure about the tool, but aren't most plastic trim fit just push in ones?

Cheap universal trim removal tool can purchased on ebay unless it's BMW/MINI specific tool.
Thanks. i found a reasonably priced supply of the original fitting after some searching. I’ve got a toll for metal rivets that I hope will do. (The link from the Etk catalogue priced them at £6 per item.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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