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Parts list for a planned Harman Kardon retro-fit

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I'd like to work up to retro-fitting the Harman Kardon audio kit to our 2011 R56-S, by buying the parts as they come available on eBay etc, however I'm drowning in a sea of possible components. I'd hoped to find a way of using to list out the parts I need & ideally their part numbers, but I can only ever seem to get the site to display diagrams & parts lists for the "HiFi" audio option, not Harman Kardon.

We currently have the Mini Navigation System fitted if that has any relevance to audio and from reading-up on the subject here I believe I will need:
  • Harman Kardon amp
  • The amp holder/bracket
  • Front A-pillars with speaker grilles
  • Front A-pillar tweeters
  • New Door cards to allow for the additional front speakers
  • Other speakers (!)
  • Speaker brackets?
  • Suitable wiring
Can anyone point me at a slightly more detailed parts list than the one I've created, please? ;-)

Or any used parts suppliers who are likely to carry the bits I need.


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Have a look here

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That's precisely what I couldn't find (and need!) . Many thanks!

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