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How many Corvettes have you passed in one go?

My record is 11.

Let me tell you, what a rush.

Here's the story--I was heading back to the south after visting friends on the New Jersey shore, tooling down Rte. 70 heading west towards Philly on a warm sunny day, when I notice a long line of slow-moving cars ahead as I cruised through the Pine Barrens (this is a long, straight, two lane road with speed limits of 50 or 55 mph).

I quickly caught up, only to find that it was 11 Chevrolet Corvettes of all ilks cruising along at about 10 mph below the speed limit, posturing themselves in the sun.

Cool, I thought. That lasted about two miles. Then I decided that I'd at least like to do the speed limit.

The answer? High beams, fog lights and third gear.

Worked like a charm.
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