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Pepper WHite COopers with Hamman Front Spoiler?

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Im trying to find a picture of a Pepper White Cooper S with a Hamman Front Spoiler to see if they look good or not before i purchase one. Please post ur picture here or someone make me a photoshop of one using this picture :D thanks alot ~


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What would u guys think this would look?
Gettin a Hamman Front Spoiler painted Pepper White. And leave the Plastic molding black..Do u think tat would look good?
Or should I paint the WHOLE thing Pepper white? Plastic molding and the hamman spoiler??
MAN TOO MANY DECISION!!!! lol help me out guys~~
...paint not just the spoiler white, but all the plastic black molding white. It is like getting the aero kit look.
yeah personally think it looks better with all the black the aero kit fitted and asked for wheel arches to be done too..didnt like the look without.


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got the carbon one, then u don't have to worry about painting it (and all molding).
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