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All those of you who think Chill should come to Cotswolds II please sign up here!


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1 Minisoopercooper
2 smoked
3 Spookyfish
4 Sebby
5 Harpo
6 Mad Brummie
7Soggy (official request!)
9 Phantom
10 Martin L
12 Interceptor!

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This is a formal honorary invite for the attention of Chill to attend the scrumbtabulous feverricerous event of summer 2004, the Cotswolds 2 Run.

We have 160 registered, 11 had to cancel so the most distinguished position odf place number 150 is waiting and yours for the taking ;) Besides - if you don't come all the other attendees will bad rep you :p :d

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Hiya Mr. Chill, Sir!

Were I not seperated by an ocean I would be warming up my ride as we speak. Motor On!
Your loyal fans and subjects implore you to attend. Please hold my position. go and represent Maxamini.

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dcfkan said:
This is the BOC's approach:

Come to Cotswold or I shall slap you when I see you next :D

DK :D :apple:
:eek: :eek: :eek: that kinda talk puts Chill off appearing at any MINI meet just to avoid DK :p :D
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