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PHEV speed electric mode

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My PHEV is now 8.000km. The announced speed limit on EV mode is 125km/h. When I bought it I realized it would actually go as far as 130km/h on the speedometer, and it was almost accurate with my gps (129km/h).

Now, after 6 months and 5.000km I was pushing it to max in highway and I now can at barely reach 120km/h, and even using cruise control it always drops down and goes up and down from 112km/h to 118km/h.
And I also feel that from 100km/h on it seems to have very little power to accelerate.

I tried with...
full charge
green, mid, sport,
air vent off,
Full and low tank.. and it’s always the same.

Did someone experienced this?

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The only thing I noticed on mine was on a long, steep incline recently, on which I tried to force electric mode at 80KPH. Battery was about 70% full at the beginning, dropping to around 40% by the end. I had cruise control set, but half way up the incline, the speed dropped to about 65. I had to rest the battery and run on petrol for the rest, and put it down to battery overheating, although that's strange in the middle of winter. This was in an undersea tunnel, where the temperature was around +7 at the bottom and 0 at the top.

The weird thing was that the next tunnel (by which time the battery was back up at 60%) has an even steeper incline. I tried the same and the car was happy to run on electric power only, holding 80KPH to the top.

The only other time I experienced reduced power, the car told me that the battery was too cold and that full power would be resumed when it had been conditioned. The problem lasted about 5 minutes. Again, it was something of a surprise as that day wasn't particularly cold.

The car obviously makes more or less intelligent decisions, based on battery condition and load. If you are consistently losing power then there may be something wrong tho' and you should probably visit the dealer. After 11300 km, mine is still good to 130KPH on battery.

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The system is a bit weird, pulled the car out of the garden and down the private road behind the house on electric power with no problem. Then when we went to leave in 5 minutes, the car switched to the petrol engine and had no range on the electric. Guess it was too cold, as it was fine 10 minutes later.
Than suddenly...

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