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My PHEV is now 8.000km. The announced speed limit on EV mode is 125km/h. When I bought it I realized it would actually go as far as 130km/h on the speedometer, and it was almost accurate with my gps (129km/h).

Now, after 6 months and 5.000km I was pushing it to max in highway and I now can at barely reach 120km/h, and even using cruise control it always drops down and goes up and down from 112km/h to 118km/h.
And I also feel that from 100km/h on it seems to have very little power to accelerate.

I tried with...
full charge
green, mid, sport,
air vent off,
Full and low tank.. and it’s always the same.

Did someone experienced this?

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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