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Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LEDs

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Fitted these plus the additional CANbus adaptors to our R60 Mini Countryman 2012, performance wise - amazing. cannot fault them

Error wise - pain in the ass!, even with the CANbus added the left side always reports a bulb failure, I've been onto the supplier who raised it with Philips who suggest the resistance varies as in the right side resistance is higher than then left. so double up/daisy chain the CANbus adaptors on the left hand side to bring the resistance up, tried this and now just get a full beam failure error.

I think if I want to keep them i'll have to find a way/person to just code out the check on the headlights.

So in summary great performance but only if you can live/deal with the error codes
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Carly, Bimmercode etc... can code to disable the warnings.
I'd get the Carly app but since they changed it to monthly subscription it's put me right off
If you already have the Carly adapter AliExpress ,ebay etc... have sellers selling unlocked version or you could download from other forums.
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