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PhillyMINI Cooper Cup 1 - Nov 7 [semi-annual competition rally]

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Save the date for the first PhillyMINI Cooper Cup on Sunday, November 7th, 2004. This will be the first of a semi-annual competition rally event, and yes, there is a Cooper Cup for the winning Mini!

This is a "Trivia Rally" and will be different from most of the rallys we usually do in PhillyMINI

This is a competition!
We will not be following each other in a parade-type drive and there will be no radios/chat. Minis will all be given a set of directions and will depart in one minute intervals apart from each other. Also, on the directions will be several questions that need to be answered throughout the course of the drive. The winner will be determined by whoever answers all the questions correctly. In the event of a tie, the least mileage will be used. Drivers and navigators will work as a team to answer the questions and complete the rally.

This is not a race!
Since we are trying to keep some distance between the Minis, and winners are not determined by how quickly they finish the route, lets stick to the speed limits.

The Cooper Cup
This is the first of a series of semi-annual events that will occur in the Fall and Spring. The winner of the event gets ownership of the Cooper Cup for 6 months until the next rally. Also, the winning driver/navigator team will get their name(s) engraved on one of the plaques at the base of the Cooper Cup!!

This first edition of the PhillyMINI Cooper Cup rally will start in New Britain in Bucks County, PA. More of logistics and a signup will be posted soon at PhillyMINI

Watch this space for updates!

(PhillyMINI Rallymasters: burberry17 and changingman1)
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And now for something completely different.............

A rally that is NOT 'follow the leader', where the use of two way radios is prohibited, a navigator is a must, teamwork is essential and speeding will guarantee a dead last position.

If you just can't wait until December for another PhillyMINI event why not try the first running of the Cooper Cup Rally. There's only 10 days to go and there's plenty of spaces left. Go to PhillyMINI's Yahoo Database Page for details and sign up.

Hope to see you on Sunday, November 7, 2004.

Cheers, Harper. :indi:

PS Oh I almost forgot, the winning team actually takes possession of the Cooper Cup for six months and it's not made of plastic!
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