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dear all

well saturday came and i picked up my new mcc in silver, chili pack, chrono, heated seats, anthracite dash. just wanted to share my observations with you having come from a mc tin top.

i was very sad to see my tin top go and felt i should of waited until march to px and purchase mcc but the deal was going back. ( it was like giving away one of your children i must admit i was very sad to see it fact i only went to the dealer to order a mcc for next march and they presented me with the offer of a cancelled order with my own spec with a 4 week wait


the car looks fantastic from the outside, but i cant help feeling the interior is a bit of a disappointment, partially my fault with spec order, anthracite in the mcc just makes the interior to dark, looks great in tin top but somehow not the same in mcc ( wish i had of stuck with the silver dash i initially ordered ). I also wish I had of taken other peoples advise from the forum and stayed away from the chrono pack ( trust me it is ugly ). the reason i ordered it is because i remember when i picked up my mc tin top, it took some time to get used to looking at the central speedo didn't realise how well i have adjusted because now i find it hard to focus on the speedo directly in front of me and i keep looking at the ghastly chrono pack ! Chrome interior trim however was a great success and again i went for anthracite believing the chrome would look best against this but the reality is it would of looked better against the silver.

Driving Experience

too be honest my initial impression upon driving were a little disappointing, it takes time to get used to the road noise from through the canvas roof and rear visibility isnt so great. however having that said, the ride is better than my mc tin top because i chose to go with 16" alloys and not the 17" i had on the tin top ( the ride is much softer and you have more control of the car ) but the car really comes out tops once you push the magic little left hand button and open the roof, the sunroof mode was just fantastic, at slow speeds around london traffic, fresh air in your face and a very bright cabin, ( and you dont look like to much of a poser in winter ) but once you push the switch again and fully open the roof, all the small problems mentioned above become irrelevant, the car is open top motoring at its finest ! i have owned many convertibles 4 golfs ( great car for its time but dated now and always featured an ugly roll over bar ) and a very short love affair with a Peugeot 206cc ( which was truly awful quality was very poor ). and the other problem with tin top convertibles is how much the windscreen comes over your head so you are never truly converted - the mini really is open top motoring

so all in all, i am extremely pleased with my purchase and if you are thinking about one dont hesitate but just wanted to share my findings with you should you decide to order (so to sum up.......i would recommend you give the chrono pack a miss and no anthracite trim unless you really want a dark interior. But overall the car is fantastic

p.s heated seats a fantastic option at under £200

happy mini soon

p.s sun is out in london today what a difference this makes to the car - I LOVE IT and i had the roof down........getting used to the speedo in front of me now so i might sit on the fence soon re chrono pack ! i suppose it dependes on where you want the speedo given that the info from the chrono is pretty useless to every day drivers.

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dee said:
i recommend you give the chrono pack a miss and no anthracite trim unless you really want a dark interior.
Excellent comments Dee, thanks for taking time-out to post them. I liked the anthracite trim with chrome interior and also went with the chrono pack. I hope it doesn't turn out to be too dark inside. I guess I'll just have to keep the top down as much as possible.

Looking forward to seeing the pics when you post them.


My wife's MCC willbe ready for collection this Saturday - but ike you, she is so attached to her tin top Cooper she says she's not that excited about it.

Hopefully the sun will be out and I'm sure she'll soon change her mind...

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Hello Uncle Cosmo

To put your wifes mind at this is honest

On Saturday, if the dealer offered me the chance to keep my old tin top cooper and leave the convertible I would of done.

On Sunday......I grew to like the car more

Yesterday........I finally fell in hook line and sinker in love with it ( kep looking out my window at it )

Today......I would not go back to my tin top cooper, At slow speeds the sunroof mode is lovely.


Dee xx

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I went with anthracite interior on my Red convertible, and yes, it is dark, but now I've had the car a while - I really like it - and, when it is very sunny and hood is down, at least your dashboard won't blind you with reflections! Funnily enough, I had ordered the Chrono pack, but at the last moment I had a change of heart and went for heated seats instead - not seen a Chrono pack in the flesh so don't know what I'm missing, but heated seats are a must have in the UK I reckon!

I have the 17" on mine and can't say that the ride is all that bad - and bearing in mind my other car is a Lexus LS400 soft sprung barge, then that's saying something!

Agree with you about the sunroof - thought this would be a never used feature - but it's really good, especially with all windows down!

Have fun, it really, really grows on you - hood down on the way to work today and it's only 7C out there! :D


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I'ts a Blue ! ( cool blue..)

Just got my MCSC , thought I'd give quick impressions.
First impression was color: it turns out cool blue is pearlescent, not traditional metallic.
So inside dealer bay, with heavy sun glare, color looked a bit odd.
But as soon as pulled out, I loved it. And since then still looks great.
The interior blue leather is great, orange stitches just incredible for car in this price range.

Inside is also just amazing for this price range: anthracite is just right ( sorry Bee!), chrome hightlights really "pop", GPS is still one of most intuitive out there.

Driving: that's where the giant grin sets in.. ( or was it when opening the top ? :)
The ride is just great ( 16 inch wheels), the acceleration and grip make it fun to do errands!
The one touch roof is convenient enough that closing roof at every stop is really an option when you want to, even for shortest trip.

I felt a bit sad having to put my tin top up for sale, but the combo S additional power plus the roof makes it easier. In a nutshell, the car is exceptional, and taking top off makes it more exceptional.

A couple of misses:
- the clock is most stupid choice have seen in long while. It's in the speedometer, digits are so small can't see them, especially in sunlight if top is open. They could have put a $3.00 stick on disposable where old one was.. that's probably what I will do.
- the GPS is DVD based, and again, maybe most user friendly I've seen. But by going DVD, lowest setting is now 400 yards ( I think CD based went 250 and 125 , not sure on 125). Also, they haven't added much extra functionality, such as gas station and such ( unless haven't found it some menu, but doesn't show in display.) The good news is that one disc does it all.
- the Cup holder is just too clumsy, will have to go. It's obviously an afterthought for US market, and quite good for people that need one. But it doesn't fold away, so it will get "unbolted" away!
- the roof material creases very easily, and so far am closing it overnight to avoid the wrinkled look.

That's about it, certainly worth the wait!
:) :D :) :D :)
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