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Picked up my new cooper last night and..

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It is MAGNIFICENT! I'm only driving in granny-like "running-in" mode and already I'm in love with the engine - what's it going to be like when I can rev it?? And as for the handling - it really is a different class. Build quality? Like a brick. Soooo solid. Not a creak or a rattle anywhere.
The seats (full leather, standard)I find VERY comfortable, as did my passenger.
And YES it does drift to the left.
And NO it does not pull.
And NO I don't think I would have noticed it if I hadn't read about it here first.
But YES I think I would like it fixed.
It really is as good as I hoped it would be, maybe even a bit better!!
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I picked up mine just before Christmas also - and yes it too pulls to the left. I got the expected excuses from the dealer like "all new cars do this" or "it's due to camber". :rolleyes:

However after realising that they could not fob me off with lame excuses the dealer suddenly agreed to do a KDS test but said that "due to a lot of existing bookings" I would have to wait until the end of January.

Better than nothing I suppose but it's put a real downer on the MINI experience knowing the dealer's good customer service ends the moment you hand over the cash. :(
My Nov build does not pull

"Well not to the left anyway!!!"

My cooper was built week 49 and I picked it up on the 3rd Jan. It drifts to the left (all cars are supposed to in case you fall asleep at the wheel) but it does not PULL.

Mine's perfect and so much fun that when it does develop a fault (it will, all cars do, and this one only cost 14K)I'll still love it and rejoice in the knowledge that I don't own a fiesta, Corsa, Micra, Zimmer Frame, Bed Pan.....
New Cooper

Collected mine on 8/1/02 and its brilliant.

Down side
Heated driver seat works off the passenger switch but the drivers switch does nothing.
Rear access from offside the seat sticks forward.
As for a pull to the left. NOT AS I HAVE NOTICED.
Locked the doors by the cntral switch and open. BUT THE WINDOWS CAME DOWN AND EVERY THING LOCKED.I could not get out for 10 mins.

Dealer will try to fix this on Friday.

This car is to good to run down.
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Nice one somerset !
What spec is your car and the all important colour ?
Hope to see some pics real soon...
Collected mine on 2nd January and yes, its brilliant.

Still driving gently, but performance and flexibility are fine. I like my all-cloth sports seats - no squeeks as yet. I've not pushed the handling - tyres are not scrubbed in and the roads have potentially been icy - but cornering at sensible speeds is nice and neutral. Ride with the standard sports suspension and tyres is very impressive.

Car drifts to the left a bit but I've not really had chance to try it on a perfectly flat surface. Certainly would not complain about it until a proper fix is available.
couldn`t get out for 10 minutes ????

Pezza said:
. . . .Locked the doors by the cntral switch and open. BUT THE WINDOWS CAME DOWN AND EVERY THING LOCKED.I could not get out for 10 mins. . . .

This car is to good to run down.
If not being able to get out for 10 minutes wasn`t so serious it would be funny !!!!!

Didn`t you consider it serious enough to return the car/get them to take it away and loan you another until it`s fixed?

If not - what would it take?

Sorry, but isn`t there a safety issue here?
Picked up my Cooper on 15th Dec. Absolutely love it. Must admit to being concerned after reading all the negative stories but very pleased with it. It does drift and has other little faults but so what. I now have the most desirable driving school car on the road and the pupils love it.
You must have people queing to take lessons with you!

Round here in Chigwell there is a 206CC with a driving school- always has its roof down!

my car is due for delivery on March 1st
do you think that the pulling to the left will be sorted before I collect mine or should I mention it to the dealer now ?
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