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For those of you who use Windows 9x and would like to combine John\'s movies to make one that will run about two minutes, it is quite easy using the DOS \"binary copy\" command.

Download each of the files to your hard drive.
Rename them to shorten them as m39.mpg, m63.mpg, m64.mpg, etc. (Note, the extension may say mpeg but you can change it to mpg.)
There is a limit on the number of characters you can enter in a single line, so you have to do them in two steps.

Click on Start, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt. Log onto the drive or folder where the files reside. Enter the following command. Leave a space between the last part and the name of the combined file.

copy /b m39.mpg+m63.mpg+m64.mpg+....m69.mpg mini1.mpg
Press enter to create \"mini1.mpg\"

copy /b mini1.mpg+m70.mpg+m71.mpg+.....m79.mpg mini.mpg (Note that m74 and m76 are missing from the list)

This creates mini.mpg, but you can rename it whatever you want. It is just under 10MB and runs for almost two minutes. Check it and if it plays, you can delete the other parts.
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