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Pin out for Fog/driving lamps

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I have tried searching but not having much success. I have fitted the integrated side/city light, Fog/Driving lamps to the front of my Mini Cooper Clubman, and I have run wiring up to the footwell module. No I'm stuck!

The Haynes manual does not seem to match up to my vehicle (2010 Mini Cooper Clubman Diesel) and the pin outs that Haynes say are the ones I need are already occupied and most of the wiring has a majority of yellow wiring.

Can anyone point me to an appropriate wiring diagram for my application. I understand that I may have to have the lamps activated (according to the local BMW dealer)

Any help?

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I am confused by the definition side/city light, Fog/Driving lamps, it maybe we use different terminology. According to my Bentley manual for a Mini Clubman up to 12/2008 the pinout of the footwell module is 3 and 8 for the side marker/fog light right. Does not say which is which but if it helps the wire to 3 is Yellow/Brown and to 8 is White/Blue. For the left side pinouts are 37 (Yellow/Brown) and 50 (Black /Green).
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