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A couple pictures of my CAI botch job. Seen a Piper-x universal filter for a good price and had to get it on the car as after hearing the noises the turbo makes without the sound-proof airbox :rolleyes: and i couldnt go back to driving it with that airbox as without it you get some very amazing sounds not to mention the high pitch jet-like whine you get (ive only really heard this sort of turbo noise on cars with high boost and external wastegates).

My car also has the P-torque ECU upgrade and Forge BOV and all together its perfect!

After install and first drive i did feel a little more low end power and a little at the top but need to get an RR to see for sure. Sounds and feels great though!:cool:

Below are some pictures of the install but watch this space as if tomorrow is dry/ish i will get some footage up of how it sounds on the move etc - its priceless :D

Picture 3 is of the lovely 4-way tie-wrap i used to secure the filter in place and seems to have done the trick so that the filter isnt bouncing off everything!




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It is indeed. Shame about this damn weather as its not the kind you want when out having fun in the car. But i can live with driving very slowly as the noises are great even at slow pace!

couple short vids of the car whilst the rain still persists!

part 1 :

part 2 :
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