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Pittsburgh MINI's

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I know there is a Pittsburgh MINI club, but I wasnt sure how many also live in Pittsburgh. So this is just if you want to say hi, and talk about our MINI's and the Burgh. And everything in between too. Hopefully we'll get a few people talkin.
Thanks all.
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Its tough to get people to talk on here,
check NAM, their is a track date March 19th at BeaveRun.
They will have S automatics and Regular S.
Hi djpk. By all means check out NAM. However, whether you get people to talk here or not is greatly effected by the suitability of the forum in which you post. I am going to do you a little favor and relocate your thread to the MidAtlantic Forum, where people from the fair city of Pittsburgh abound. :)

Thanks for the help moving me. I tried. Thanks again.
their are people going out to Beaver Run on the 19th SAT

It will be at 11:00. Check on, for more details, $35.00 and you can drive on the track, two new cars are going to be there. Auto S with paddles and on other. I think A JCW.
How did the run go? I couldnt make it, I couldn't even make it to the Vintage Grand Prix last year, too much work. I think at this rate I'll just let my membership in PittStop (I think thats what its called) expire. Does anyone know of any good detailer/ stripe fitter in Pittsburgh? I have some custom stripes I ordered ages ago, and I just havent had time nor really heard of anyone to trust to fit new stripes on. The dealership has a guy but he only works on Wednesdays.
Hey there! Just saw the thread. I pop in here once in a while but, as alpinamike suggests, spend more time on NAM.

As for the track event (and sorry to sound like a broken record) you can see the follow-up and responses here.

BTW, there are two different activities coming up in April - I'll create a new thread here and link to it..... (but there are already threads here and here . :D
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