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I think this year is the year to do it, Im looking to go sometime after July, and am looking to go from Leicester to France, Belgium, Germany, and up to amsterdam. (at a rough guess)

(have to go france and missus wants to go Disney Land :rolleyes:)

But...Im looking for some information and advice. While im down this neck of the woods, can anyone recommened a country to maybe a visit while im in this area, Ive just quickly planned but not really looked at possible places to go, just the usual, common ones. (maybe)

What routes have you taken before?

Also, I know sometimes they are Mini meets, and drives that go on in the UK and abroad, (dont have to be just mini, but would be a plus) does anyone know of any events that are going on, to which I could plan my trip around, and make a visit? (totally new to this aswell)

Also anytips, that previous experienced people have had at doing anything like this etc, best places to stay, to see, to go, anything you can input would be great :)


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I'm always prepared to help you with an eventual visit to Belgium.
It depends what you like to see of course. If you want to drive .. I'd go for the Ardennes, if you'd like to visit ..most people I know like Brussels and Bruges. Just let me know and I'll try to help you out.

We do have some runs with our MINI club during summer, but don't know dates yet.

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I can help with advice etc too... Our club has a 3 day run to Reims and Epernay in June so I can go over what we had to arrange etc for that...

Belgium is a great place to visit... Bruges is superb... Parking can be limited though... Depends when you arrive... Much of the street parking is limited to 2 hours max... It would be well worth hunting out the underground carparks in the centre of town... The sidestreets are just made for the Mini...

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If your going inland to France, and visiting Disney Land then I would take advantage of travelling up into Belgium through the Ardennes. ;)

We recently stopped at the fortress hotel in Sedan, France, which is quite close to the Belgium border.

If you want to head straight up the coast into Belgium you cant beat Bruges for the chocolate shops and Moules et Frites! :D

Ghent is also worth visiting for the beer kellers!
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