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Hyia Guys :D

The Longwall Beefeater Pub at 11.30-11.45am

In conjunction with the North West MINI's, there is a factory tour arranged for TUESDAY 19th OCTOBER at 1.45pm.
This thread is now a link on the North West Mini thread, so if any of the North West attendee's need any info, Simon may post it there aswell as on here. This thread is now a STICKY - so keep checking back for more details. :D Also it's now on the MINI2 calendar (you can set a reminder if needed ;))

Visiting Production Areas

The tours will start in the Plant Oxford info centre with the main focus of the tour being the 'Body in White' (welding) and Assembly Halls. For health and safety reasons visitors will go into the paint facility, but instead will be introduced to key highlights of this process in the info centre.

Important Information

BMW regrets that children under the age of 14 are not allowed on site for health and safety reasons and people with pacemakers will be unable to join a tour, as robots can intefere with the pacemaker. The tour lasts approx. 2 1/2 hours.

The charges are as follows:-
£3 - for individuals
£2 - students / OAP's

(A £1 from every visitor goes to Whizz Kidz. The remaining balance will enable BMW
to improve the plant tour experience for all visitors as well as cover administration costs).
But, obviously, I think we could do better than a £1 donation to Whizz Kidz?????? So if anyone is feeling particularly flush, donations are accepted on the day. R.e. collecting money's, I think it would be easier if you gave your £3's to one person and then saves confusion at the payment point in the information centre :)

Pub Grub Details
The Pub of choice is now THE LONGWALL - BEEFEATER.
There is a table booked for 30 people at 12pm.
This is also the meeting place - see above.

Below is an attachment for stickers for your rear / windows. If anyone is interested, just save attachment then edit in Paint and add your own name.

Those of you who have reserved a place and confirmed it with a PM, your name will appear on this list of attendees below :D.

I have started a reserve list - but I am limiting reserve spaces to 3. People on the reserve list will be notified if a space has arisen by 15/10/04. So if anyone needs to drop out please let me know by this date also.

Helen :D :black:

List of Attendee's

1. ScoobyDoo (Helen) - confirmed
2. Interceptor (Simon) - confirmed
3. John England (John Boy) - confirmed
4. Richard Harvery - confirmed
5. Richard Harvey +1 - confirmed
6. cheekyMINI (Andrea) - confirmed
7. Bubblegoose_4RH (Dave) - confirmed
8. Cooperchick (Lynn) - confirmed
9. Windymiller (Steve) - confirmed
10. Minicabrio-uk (Jon) - confirmed
11. Minicabrio-uk (+1) - confirmed
12. Lateralgforce (Brian) -confirmed (All the way from USA) :D
13. Lateralgforce (Amanda) - confirmed (All the way from USA) :D
14. Smoked (Ben) - confirmed (Sorry :D)
15. Rich C (Rich) - confirmed
16. ScoobyDoo (Lyn) - confirmed
17. Mignon (Kerrie) - confirmed (All the way from Australia) :D
18. Mignon (Phil) - confirmed (All the way from Australia) :D
19. NotTheOracle (Matt) - confirmed
20. Tony M (Tony) -confirmed
21. Tony M (Marylin) - confirmed
22. L13 Cooper (Alex) - confirmed
23. L13 Cooper (+1) - confirmed
24. Minato - confirmed
25. Minato (+1) - confirmed
26. Yorkie Blue (Mark) - confirmed
27. Yorkie Blue (+1) - confirmed
28. MD1 (Michael) - confirmed
29. MD1 (Kate) - confirmed

Reserve Places

1. cheekyMINI - Rob


John Boy
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Hi Scoobydoo!
I'm very interested going to the Mini Oxford plant tour. :) I'll pm to Intercepter to book a place. ;) Hope I can get myself book in! :D
I'll be going to COTSWOLDS RUN and I probably c u there and say hi! :D :dark:

John Boy

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Another bump to the top-Also list of Peeps I have so far:

John England (John Boy)-Confirmed
Not the Oracle (Matt+1)-Confirmed
Smoked (Ben)-Confirmed
Red UN (Rick)_Confirmed
Bubblegoose_4RH (Dave)Confirmed
CooperChick and Windymiller (Lynn and Ste)-Confirmed
Chrome (ANT)-Confirmed
TonyM+1 (Tony+Marilyn)-Confirmed
Yorkie Blue+1 (Mark+?)-Confirmed

Those that are confirmed have Personally PM'd me to confirm

Anymore for anymore!! :D

Rocking the F57
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Hiya Helen,

Just found the thread... as I said I will take up a space!! Take the convertible back to her homeland!!

I will bring a +1 if thats okay.... Don't who yet.... but i have lots of people who want rides in the car!! So it shouldn't be that hard!

Cheers you!!


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Richard Harvey said:
I'd love it too visit too! Where we meeting?
Can add you to the list-Will it be just you?

TBH-I not actually sure where we are meeting yet........ As what 1st Post says we will meet up and then have lunch and then jolly down to the factory!
Helen will have more info :)

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Room for 2 more?

We did a factory tour last week :D but the prospect of a tour with a MINI2 group is too tempting :p :p

Tony and Marilyn
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