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Hi MINI2ers-
I am a proud new owner of a 2004 pepper white (ooooh!~) MINI. The girl who had it before me kept it in awesome shape, but everything in it is stock and I would like to upgrade the stereo components. I want to keep the stock HU (not the Harmon Kardon) as i like the uniform look, but maybe add a subwoofer for more punch. I am already planning to add the AUX line as soon as the kit gets here. I searched through a lot of the other threads but am not sure it matches exactly what I'm looking for. I do not have much experience with car audio other than changing out a HU and speakers, but am hoping to do any upgrades myself. I am not looking for deafening sound, just fuller and a bit more bassy. Any suggestions, help, or links for a relatively basic/easy install would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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I asked the same question and no one has replied yet.... I need some answers to, you got any further with your search?


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ok well in order to add a sub and amp you will need to have an RCA cable output on the back of your headunit.
The standard HU will not have this but you can get whats called a "clean sweep" which you attach to the rear speaker lines and is basically an RCA adaptor.
you will need to run the RCA lines to the boot.
you will also need to run a powerline from the battery to the boot, i'm not sure what route to take tho as i don't actually own a mini lol
the RCA lines and power line both connect to the amp which should be securely mounted somewhere (usually in the boot)
you will also need to run an earth line from the amp to a clean metal connection somewhere in the car, ie under a bolt in the boot, sand the metal under the bolt back a bit to ensure a good connection.
in order to make sure that the sub switches on and off along with the rest of the car you will need to run an ignition feed from the car to the amp. the standard HU won't have this connection so you will need to run it from elsewhere, such as the 12v positive on the cigarette lighter socket.
this connects to the remote line input on the amp,

the you will need to fit the sub (in its box) into the boot and connect it to the amp with speaker wire.
your new sub should now work!

just to make it easier, heres a quick step by step!

1. purchase a clean sweep and connect it to the rear speaker lines, how it is fitted can vary so read the instructions provided!

2. Connect an RCA cable to the clean sweep and run it to the amp

3. Run a powerline (look for 4guage cable) to the amp

4. Run an earth line from the amp to a good earthing point on the car

5. Run a remote line from a 12v feed to the amp. this feed should only be active when the ignition is on, such as the positive terminal on the cigarette lighter!

5. Connect the amp to the sub

6. When adjusting the amp, make sure the low pass filter or lpf is switched on and start with all settings at minimum. switch the system on and turn it up to about three quarters of full volume.
adjust the gain level up slowly until you hear a slight distortion and then turn it down a bit.
then adjust the other settings carefully until it sounds right (every setup will vary!)

good luck! hope this helps! let me know if you need anything explained better!
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