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I have had my MINI ONE since June 2003, iits done 33k miles and i think its Gr8 , but one thing is really seriously getting on my nervs with it, im loosing power at low RPP say under 2500rmp this happens. I'm at a standstill i want to take off i rev it up to 2-2500rmp try to go and i get engin labour i have to double clutch and put my foot to the floor to get going , this is dangerious i think ex pulling out on traffic etc. been into bmw and they gave me new gearbox (so they tell me) but i still have problem i thort it had gone but it hasent. this is really spoiling the car and my smile.

so has anyone got any ideas to what could be wrong or what is causeing it ?
any bmw tech's out there,

I know this problem is not just me my g/f has a jan 2003 mini one and it has no problem at all its done 7k tho. can anyone advise me on a cure , please help me guys dont want to get rid of my mini after spending so much hard earned cash on it. iv looked arround on mini2 seen nothing like this , arround .

MINI ADMIN - pls keep this in general for a while so everyone can see. Thank you


Charlie P.s Sorry about the long post.
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