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https:// (please remove space before to watch video)

Please watch the above video to understand the problem!

This issue will intermittently occur when driving. All internal electronic buttons will cease to function when this happens. Oddly enough, the cigarette lighter will continue to work. As far as i can tell, the exterior lights continue to work, including turn signals, even though they will NOT register on the interior of the car. Even the Odometer will cease to function during this time, as a trip won't even add miles to the car. The tachometer, speedometer, windows, locks, sun roof, and all warning lights will seize up and fail to work. The problem will usually end after the car has been turned off for a few minutes/hours. Interior ambient lights continue to work even after all other gauge failures. Every time this problem occurs, the OBD system will spit out around 72+ codes which have been of little help, since they point to "problems" that don't exist. I will note that many of the codes say "low voltage to such and such sensor." The battery and alternator have both been tested and neither one is functioning outside normal range. Car never has a problem starting up, regardless of gauges or if this particular electrical issue is happening.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! I'm really curious as to how to remedy this issue!
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